Sunday School Classes

Gathering together in small groups is an important part of Christian growth.  Being a part of a Sunday School class is just one way to learn, share and grow in our faith.

At Mosaic, we offer a variety of Sunday School classes that will reach and appeal to all ages.

Sunday School begins at 9:30 am.  Join us!



2 & 3 Grade

4 & 5 Grade

Middle School

High School

Fellowship of Believers

Sisters Seeking Christ

It is the mission of the Mosaic UMC Sunday School Ministry to teach the stories of the Bible to children, younger youth, and those new to the Faith. Furthermore, we aim to reinforce these teachings in older youth, adults, and those whose Faith is more mature. We strive to provide small group discussion and the application of Christian principles to everyday life for people of all ages and at all stages of Faith.